(see: "Mickey Mouse Club" goodbye song)
  1. Let me preface by saying that my decision to leave (or at least go inactive) is NOT solely due to this new update
  2. I knew that this would happen at some point
  3. School keeps me super, super busy, and I don't have much time or motivation to list regularly like I used to
  4. Not to mention that many of my favorites from the app( I couldn't possibly even begin to list [pun intended] them all) have moved on
  5. Like many others have said, this community changed me in a way that seems almost silly and impossible
  6. I met like-minded people, but most importantly, I met not-like-minded people that challenged my views and enticed me to research and learn and think and feel
  8. So much laughter has occurred during my time with li.st began in October 2015
  9. I found a space where I could be myself, be silly, and post things that normally I wouldn't say in normal conversation for fear that people would think I was "weird" or they "wouldn't get my humor"
  10. But I was surprised to find out that many people shared that humor, and I felt validated, which led me to the realization that I needed to start living my life as myself, and myself is a goofy, dry, sarcastic, silly nerd of a person
  11. Thank you all for this amazing journey!
    I mean it.
  13. There are so many of you I still want to meet, and if I come to your cities, I'd love to make that happen
  14. Also, if any of you ever find yourself in NYC (and more importantly, those of you who live in NYC), please reach out to me!
  15. I can be found on the following:
  16. Twitter: @dbwj787
  17. Instagram: @dbwj787
  18. Snapchat: @Dustin.boone
  19. Feel free to add me on any/all (and if you wouldn't mind, if it's not obvious who you are from your username, please send me a little note just letting me know who you are)!
  20. If you prefer, you can also comment your usernames here, or send the to me in a DM (I don't plan on deleting the app for now), and I will add you
  21. I kinda have that "last day of senior year" feeling, and it's weird