1. This.
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    That pizza should be perfect after who put it in the oven
  2. This.
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    The world was apparently ending
  3. This.
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    Just one of many times I'm like "Dad, WTF"
  4. This.
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  5. This.
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    Just me at show choir camp in 7th grade. Not pictured: the rest of my pleated khaki shorts that go BELOW MY KNEES
  6. This.
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  7. This.
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    "Dad, WTF"
  8. This.
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  9. This.
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  10. This.
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    Mean muggin'
  11. This.
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    Happy T-gives!
  12. This.
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    "Everyone's doing emails"
  13. This.
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  14. This.
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  15. This.
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    I'm a child
  16. This.
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    A sensible screenshot from an episode of "Breaking Amish" where this girl TAKES HER DENTURES OUT
  17. This.
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    Streep No More
  18. This.
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    Me af
  19. This.
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    Rihanna not having it
  20. This.
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    I love a good zoom-in, but the caption sells it
  21. This.
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  22. This.
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    Me at a church event with the scariest lion and the scariest glasses and the scariest hair and WTF is that shirt
  23. This.
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    This kid dressed up like Ariel; also not having it
  24. This.
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    E.T. shuffling across the floor in this get-up is so damn funny
  25. This.
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  26. This.
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    Like, don't even know
  27. This.
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  28. This.
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  29. Hope you enjoyed a trip through my phone
  30. Let's do it again sometime