Remembering a Panic-Inducing Television Scene

From Full House, no less.
  1. Hey, do y'all remember when Stephanie Tanner drove a car INTO THE KITCHEN?????
  2. Like, holy shit
    I feel like that's like thousands of dollars in damages, but maybe I'm just overreacting
  3. The whole thing makes me cringe
  4. When Stephanie gets out of the car 😖
  5. When she makes light of the situation 😖
    I would be freaking the FUCK OUT
  6. When Michelle runs in and sees 😖
  7. When Michelle states the obvious 😖
  8. When Stephanie makes light of the situation AGAIN 😖
  9. When DJ & Kimmy see what happened, and Michelle is a little bitch 😖
  10. When the grown ups are very mad 😖
  11. And worst of all....
  12. When Stephanie says "Whoa, Rosie, Woah!" 😖😖😖