I just feel like this is important. I also feel like it's important to note that this list is not out of anger! #themoreyouknow
  1. No, the music we listen to is not only Lady Gaga and Beyoncé (although they're both great)
  2. No, we don't all sleep with anything that has two legs and a dick (although we probably prefer the people we sleep with to have both)
  3. No, straight friends, we aren't flirting with you, nor are we interested in you in that way (probably)
  4. No, we don't all say "YAAASSSSSS"
  5. No, we don't all say "YAAASSSSSS, KWEEN" (although it's a great expression)
  6. No, our closet does not consist of only tank tops
  7. No, we don't all do hard drugs on the reg (or any drugs ever, for that matter)
  8. No, we aren't all unsafe when we have sex just because one of us can't get pregnant
  9. No, we are not trying to redefine marriage (we are just trying to get married the same way heterosexual couples do)
  10. No, we aren't all on Grindr
  11. No, we don't all know or care about fashion
  12. No, we aren't all raging cunts
  13. No, we aren't going to Hell because we're gay (in fact, some of us are even religious)
  14. No, we don't all like fruity drinks
  15. No, we don't all hate sports
  16. No, all of us are NOT defined by our homosexuality (in fact, most of us think of our sexual orientation as secondary to the rest of our personality)
  17. They don't want to get set up with your friend who's gay...just bc he's the only other gay guy you know.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  18. Are not all fans of Kathy Griffin "Where's my gays?"
    Suggested by @k8zinker