Just some things that I enjoyed a lot at one moment in time. Alternate title: Am I the Weirdest Person in the World?
  1. K-Pop
    Still love this, but not as much as I once did
  2. Scientology
    Not like wanting to join the religion, but researching it. I watched the HBO documentary multiple times and read the book. But that's where it ended because I was too afraid if I went on the website they would find me.
  3. Conspiracy theories
    All of them
  4. True crime
    Still very, very obsessed with this one but I promise I'm just a normal guy and not a serial murderer
  5. Mitch Hedberg
    Couldn't stop listening and quoting. Note: if people do not know Mitch Hedberg and his style of comedy, they will think you're weird and hate you if you go around quoting it
  6. Making websites / HTML
    Literally would just make websites for the sake of making websites. In fact, I think at one point I made a website dedicated to making websites
  7. Wrestling
    Still don't fully understand where this stemmed from, but 6th grade me wanted an Austin 3:16 shirt SO BAD
  8. Stalking former reality TV / child stars on social media
    I would like to tell you that I don't still do this
  9. Lesbian porn
    This might be the biggest mystery of all, given that I am a gay man, but there was a brief period in my adolescence where it was all I watched 😳
  10. Magic
    Legit won the talent show in Kindergarten because I performed a full out, no marking magic show
  11. Show Choir
  12. Finding all 50 state quarters
    Took this one VERY seriously, and still have the display book with all of them
  13. The Meyers Briggs
    Suggested by @notme
    Everything about it. The religiousness, the hair, the outfits, Big Love, Utah...etc etc
    Suggested by @shanaz
  15. Rent the musical
    Ongoing and will probably continue for the rest of my life.
    Suggested by @stars
  16. Writing harry potter fanfic
    Just a preteen nerding it the frick up.
    Suggested by @stars
  17. Dr. Phil
    In the 7th grade, for some odd reason I would come home from school and be excited to watch Dr. Phil. There's really no need to worry, I've recovered from that phase.
    Suggested by @jacqueline
  18. Xanga
    Somewhere in the black hole of the Internet, my embarrassing teen angst is alive and well
  19. The Duggars
    I watch (or watched cause they're gone now) their shows. I read their blogs. I don't follow them on Instagram but I look at them weekly. I had theories about something bad happening to Jinger when she was younger before it came out that Josh was horrible. I am obsessed with this family. It's bad.
    Suggested by @evak
  20. The Sims
    I got the Sims 2 for Christmas in 2004 and lost hours and hits playing it. I still play occasionally (the game is on its 4th iteration now!) but that was the height of my obsession.
    Suggested by @bware427