1. I've noticed a number of posts complaining about people duplicating list topics and how this shouldn't be a feature on the app anymore
  2. But like, CHILL OUT
  3. I love all of y'all regardless, but still take a chill pill
  4. @list has been, at least for me, a positive place, and I've enjoyed not having to deal with the negativity one deals with on other social media
  5. So please don't bring that negativity around here
  6. And let people make the lists they want to make
  7. And let there be 8,000,000 of the same list if 8,000,000 people want to make them
  8. I actually find it interesting to see everyone's responses to the same question
  9. TL;DR not here for negativity and very much here for lists and all of you beautiful people
  10. ❣❣❣