I'm not a festival person myself, but here's a list of things I think are names of festivals based on my sleuthing skills.
  1. Ultra (could be short for something, idk)
  2. Electric Zoo ("E-Zoo," if you are very cool)
  3. Jazzfest
  4. Memphis in May
  5. Bayfest
  6. Burning Man
  7. Oktoberfest
  8. Governor's Ball ("Gov. Ball," if you're so cool)
  9. Bonnaroo
  10. Warped Tour
  11. Coachella
  12. Hangout Fest
  13. Austin City Limits ("ACL," if you're the coolest)
  14. SXSW (I think this stands for "South By Southwest," but I do not know what that means)
  15. Lollapalooza
  16. There are definitely other festivals, but these are the ones I just thought of off the top of my head