I love my family and my roots, and they are the greatest, but these are too good not to share.
  1. "You know where Brett Favre lives? It's out there, and take a left." - My cousin (a real estate agent)
    Directions (that apparently can actually be used)
  2. "Photo somethin' somethin' somethin'." - My aunt
    The app called "Super Photo."
  3. "We are a highly challenged family." - My mom
    We are a highly intelligent family.
  4. "If y'all don't know what to do with y'all's Christmas trees, bring 'em on down to our house; we got a worm farm." -My aunt
    "We started composting." (This one actually surprised me.)
  5. "Well, you look good." - My family
    "You've gained weight, and everyone knows it."
  6. "The pants you got him are perfect -- the Under Armour jacket he also got are the same print camo." - My aunt
    This one speaks for itself. I wasn't aware that there are multiple styles of camouflage print, but we learn something new every day.
  7. "I had this shirt before marijuana was invented." - My PopPop (I started calling him this long before "Arrested Development" BYE)
    "I'm a cool grandfather," re: the shirt he "didn't know" had marijuana leaves on it he wore for Christmas Eve.
  8. "One of them things that tells you when someone drives up your driveway." - My Mamaw
    A dog.
  9. "I just plan on goin' to NYC to college 'cause there's lots of cabs there." - My cousin
    "I don't need to learn to drive because I have the misconstrued notion that one can afford to take cabs everywhere in NYC."
  10. "Do you have you a woman, now that you look so healthy?" - My Mamaw
    "Are you still gay, even though you've gained weight?"