1. Whoa, it has been a literal glacial age since I've had a chance to re-immerse myself in li.st
  2. I have missed this and you all SO MUCH
  3. My life has been super busy, but certainly in a good way
  4. I thought I would post a little update!
  5. Things with my brother (refer to older lists of mine if you are unsure what I'm talking about) are progressing, albeit slowly
  6. My BIGGEST news is that since I've last been on, I got accepted into and started LAW SCHOOL, so if anyone needs an attorney in about 3 years, let me know (@list, @bjnovak, etc.); I promise I'm not as crazy in real life as I am on li.st
  7. I think I'm destined to be a career student (this is degree #3 [I'm also a poet, apparently])
  8. Now, I want to hear from YOU GUYS!
  9. How are my old pals doing?
  10. What's new?
  11. I bet some of you have new jobs and all kinds of great accomplishments
  12. I bet some of you have posted super hilarious lists that I missed
  13. I want to hear and read all the things, so post as suggestions or comments the updates you'd like me to know about!
  14. I look forward to hearing everything, and I'm so excited to be back in action here
  15. 👍🏻💯❤️
  16. I'm glad you're back. Missed ya on here. Congrats on law school 👏🏼
    Giphy downsized medium
    Let's hug it out!!
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
  17. Welcome Back! Congratulations on law school! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  18. I decided a few weeks ago that I want to go back to school.
    I'm terrified but also excited, and isn't that the combination that means it's what you should be doing?
    Suggested by @quixotic
  19. Congrats! Caveman Lawyer school I hope?!
    Not much doing here, I had yogurt for breakfast.
    Suggested by @ameliaville