1. Pretended crushed iced was medicine and fed it to my cousin in a spoon
  2. Performed the entire "Wizard of Oz" movie for family and friends, but only the Wicked Witch of the West's lines
  3. Locked myself in a car trunk accidentally and was in there for almost an hour before someone found me
  4. Played "spy" and pretended the cows in the pasture were the subjects
  5. Performed (AKA lip synced) as both Howie from BSB and Lance from 'N Sync with my friends at parties
  6. Performed an entire puppet show version of "Wizard of Oz" for my parents where I played every character
    Yes, I had those puppets; no, I'm not ashamed
  7. Won the talent show in Kindergarten by performing a full-out, no marking magic show
    I'm actually really proud of this one