~the more you know~
  1. For some reason, the word "metabolism" has been stuck in my head
  2. Since I've been saying it in my head over and over, I've started really *listening* to what the word sounds like
  3. And it is basically gibberish that means something
  4. Like, say "metabolism" a few times, you'll see
  6. That got me to thinking about words in general
  7. Specifically:
  8. How do words become words?
    Meaning like who first decided what word was going to be for a thing. Like who looked at the first chair, and how did they go about naming it? And how did that name catch on EVERYWHERE?
  9. Also, are there any things that don't have words yet?
    Not counting animal species. I was a Biology major, I know there's tons of unnamed shit out there
  10. This has been boggling my marbles
  11. And I haven't googled it yet because, honestly, I'm not ready
  12. I needed to write about it first, to try to figure out if I'm an idiot or not?
  13. Is there something I'm missing???
  14. Who knows about words???
  15. Are there LITERAL WORDSMITHS somewhere in the world??!!
  16. SOS, I'm down a rabbit hole
  17. What are they REALLY?!