Cringy Things That Have Happened This Semester

College is wild.
  1. We watched a video of a skinny white boy twerking in my social media class. Then we discussed it and played it again.
  2. One time I was walking and a guy tried to hop a curb on his skateboard. He messed up and his board flew into the street. He ran after it and almost got ran over.
  3. The Gideons came to campus to hand out bibles outside of buildings and the same old man asked me three times within twenty minutes if I was interested in the word of God (while I was holding the first bible he gave me.)
  4. The time a 40+ year old woman in one of my classes pulled out a notebook to write down a joke the professor said, honestly claiming the notebook was full of great jokes.
  5. One of the questions in my textbook was literally "What is your favorite internet meme and why?"
  6. My experience with the girl at the desk of the police department when I decided to finally register for a parking pass two months into the semester.
  7. When I was in line at the bookstore and had to listen to a ten minute conversation between two girls about the difference between stalking a crush in high school and middle school.
  8. When I forgot for (literally) the fifth time that I have to have a printed copy of my schedule before purchasing textbooks after I waited in line for 25 minutes.
  9. When I almost ran over my lab instructor from last semester because he was jaywalking