1. At the end of Kindergarten, we had a cute little graduation ceremony, and each of us had to stand up and announce what we wanted to be when we grew up
    Most people said things like astronaut, teacher, vet, etc. I SAID USED CAR SALESMAN.
  2. That time in second grade when I made fun of a girl's homemade necklace and she pushed me into a desk, which led to having staples put in my head
    The necklace didn't even look that bad.
  3. Also that time in second grade when the teacher announced we were going to learn how to write in cursive and I literally cried
    "I just learned how to write regular!"
  4. The "fight" I got into in fifth grade
    He WAS my best friend, until he started crushing on my girlfriend. It all came to a boiling point on the playground when he tried to take my swing.
  5. In sixth grade when I got a check mark for singing "Reunited and it feels so gooooood" when we were learning about the end of the Civil War
    I mean, someone had to provide comic relief.
  6. Also in sixth grade when I was voted "class clown" AND "most talkative" and had to choose one because we weren't allowed to have 2
    There's a picture of me in the yearbook with the phone in the front office up to my ear. Just embarrassing.
  7. That time in eighth grade when I accidentally got on the wrong school bus after school
  8. Any time we had to play sports in PE
    This wasn't a specific grade. This was just always.
  9. The time in drivers ed when I had to go to McDonald's to get the teacher a coffee and I ordered the wrong thing because I was so nervous
    He was in the passenger seat. And he just said a large coffee. And he ended up with a medium iced latte.
  10. That span of two weeks when my friends and I thought it was fun to get on omegle and flirt with people for fun
    Sorry, lonely people on the Internet
  11. My hair in grades 10 & 11
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    I'm so sorry
  12. The faces I made at graduation
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    I don't regret this yet, but I'm posting in advance because I know it will be embarrassing someday.
  13. When the same girl who pushed me into a desk in second grade ended up as valedictorian and mentioned pushing me into a desk during her speech
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    I apologized ten years ago, let it go.