1. The time I lost my two front teeth in a bouncy house when I was in boy scouts
    I tried to do a cool trick but it was not very cool. I didn't have front teeth for like two years. It's a good story though
  2. That time I laid in a hammock for several hours and read 200 pages of a Stephen King novel
    It was the last two hundred pages of "It" and it was life changing
  3. The time I flew in a plane for the first time and was scared to look out the window during takeoff but then I did and it was the coolest thing ever
    Also the businessman from Boston who sat next to me and said I did a good job for a first time flyer
  4. The first time I saw twenty one pilots.
    The one where Tyler climbed the scaffolding and the crowd lost its shit during Car Radio
  5. The complete terror I felt after seeing paranormal activity 3 in theatres
    You can fight me on this one, that's a good film franchise
  6. All the times I cried during the office
    That finale.
  7. My best friend
    He was there for the first nineteen years of my existence
  8. The second time I saw twenty one pilots
    When I went to Atlanta all alone and cried in a huge crowd of strangers
  9. The time I stepped on a broken beer bottle while wearing crocks and didn't realize until the blood was guessing out of the holes in the top
    I don't want to forget that because it's a good lesson to not wear dumbass shoes ever
  10. What it was like to work fast food
    Because I don't want to lose compression for the poor souls that still work in those wretched places
  11. The secret that my sister and I swore to not tell our parents until we both move out of the house
    We accidentally pulled a ceiling fan out of the ceiling by hanging too many beanie babies from it 🙃
  12. The time @hilley and I were super drunk and danced with rocking horses to Beyonce's self titled album
  13. When I laid in the dark and listened to Alt-J's album after I finally got a record player
    That was a life changing musical experience
  14. Last summer