Let's do this in chronological order, shall we
  1. I could have slept later
    I have a class at 8:45, and my professor decided we weren't meeting on Mondays anymore. I got up at regular time and didn't realize I could have slept in until after I took a shower and got dressed.
  2. The Lazarus Effect wasn't scary
    Couldn't go back to sleep, I was already dressed. I wanted to be scared but this movie wasn't scary.
  3. Evan Peters' character in The Lazarus Effect
    Excuse me is that an e-cig? Come the fuck on, Evan. Smoke a real cigarette.
  4. I didn't have any coffee creamer
    I had to use /milk/ 😒
  5. It was raining and my umbrella wouldn't fit between the tree and the fence I have to walk between to get to class
    I should not walk through the woods but that's the closest parking lot. My college's parking situation is something im annoyed with always - not just today
  6. My Media professor's openness about her parenting style
    I'd rather not know about how you have your children "the talk"
  7. The guy that talked to me in the elevator
    Why are you talking to me in the elevator? I don't know you and I don't want to make small talk. Also could you not have picked something better to say besides "Oh they finally fixed this one?"
  8. The wind
    I just wanted a cigarette. I just wanted to be cooler than Evan Peters and I couldn't because the wind kept putting out my lighter. Should've had an e-cig.