Allow Me To Listroduce™ Myself

Inspired by everyone here.
  1. My name is Alma.
    Fun fact: these glasses are not even mine. And yeah, my name looks like I'm a telenovela character. (It means Soul, it's kinda cool.)
  2. I'm 19 years old and currently living in a city near to Barcelona (Spain).
    And this is an aesthetic photo of me reading @mindy's book on the subway during my first week in college. (By the way, it helped me a lot.)
  3. At this moment I'm about to finish my first year of college, where I'm studying TV/Film Studies. I'm planning to do my minor in Screenwriting, but I'm not sure yet.
    This picture is from the first short movie we shot in class.
  4. My best friend is @cluelessclown, even though she wraps presents with Minions paper. Nobody's perfect, as Hannah Montana said.
  5. Some of my favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation, Fawlty Towers, The Office, Veep, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Black Mirror (I mostly watch sitcoms).
    *Rebecca Bunch's voice* Oui, je suis garbage.
  6. I also love reading and writing. Some of favorite authors are Truman Capote, Irène Némirovsky, Patricia Highsmith or Arthur Miller.
  7. I've got lots of favorite movies like Se7en, Inglourious Basterds, Annie Hall or Midnight Cowboy.
    Stop talking about Tyler Durden, David Mills is the hottest.
  8. Random fact: I danced at Knights of Cydonia while I was on a MUSE concert in front of the director of the new Jurassic World movie. I think he doesn't remember about it, but I should meet Chris Pratt too.
  9. I suck at introductions so here's a picture of the birthday cake I had this year.
    Pretty accurate.