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I love smoking cigarettes. I don't do it regularly, mainly because my wife doesn't approve...though she's allowing one occasionally as of late. This is my explanation/defense of my internal struggle with cigarettes.
  1. There's something about smoke rising and hanging in the air
    Before you say anything, I can't start a bonfire in my living room...so that won't work.
  2. Oral Fixation (don't be nasty)
    I can do fun stuff like Leo does! It's either gonna be a toothpick, fingernails, pens...something. So it might as well taste good...which brings me to my next point
  3. It tastes SO GOOD
    This one is where I think I'm a little weird. I love the taste of cigarettes. It's the reason I started drinking black coffee (they tasted pretty similar at first). I'd choose a cigarette over candy, chocolate, cake, prob not pie though. I genuine enjoy the taste of a Marlboro Red.
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I live in Guatemala. These are things I like about it. (My first list request... Genuinely didn't know this feature existed. Great idea though! Thanks @Nicholas for the suggestion!)
  1. !!!Coffee!!!
    Some of the best coffee in the world is grown/harvested in Guatemala! The country itself produces multiple flavors/characteristics depending on what region you get it from. (Hint: Huehuetenango and Coban are the best.)
  2. People
    Fierce love and compassion for not just their own people, but for outsiders. I've been fed well, offered beds, offered vehicles, welcomed into families, fed again...all while being refused the opportunity to repay them in any way.
  3. Holiday Fireworks!
    Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Birthdays, Christmas, New Year's, Labor Day, Burn the Devil Day (a real thing). They spare no efforts or income to make sure something is celebrated through explosion and fire 🔥
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Inspired by @shacara_shacara, @roaringsoftly, and @brittscott. Seems to be the thing to do. And think I should do said thing. Cause I'm still a newbie...😩
  1. Hi. Hola (is Spanish a thing on li.st?)
  2. I'm David
    I call this my "is-that-a-zombie-apocalypse?" photo
  3. My handle is just my name with fewer vowels
    Not that creative. It makes me think of a used DVD store...which in my mind also repairs TVs and old camcorders
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Bad decisions...indulged in often... sometimes in public...
  1. Creed
    Not a joke and not just for karaoke (it's def my go to though). I love their first three albums too much...that comeback album a few years ago not so much though.
  2. Cigarettes
    I quit years ago when my wife asked me to. But I miss them desperately and often. She lets me have the occasional ciggy every now and then...and it's in those times that I feel most loved 😁
  3. Dragonball Z
    Tough to explain this one. I just genuinely love the story and the fighting. Still watch it occasionally.
  4. The Soundtrack to Rent
    Singing this, every word, every part, in the car...mmmmmm it doesn't get better.
  1. 1.
    The baby finally pooped after 6 days
    I was concerned we were gonna make it to a week.
  2. 2.
    Baby boy slept in my arms for a long while
    With the in-laws here we're basically fighting for who gets to hold him next.
  3. 3.
    Googled "baby memes" for an hour today
I was sure I'd be a master at each of these things
  1. Blogging
    I've blogged about beliefs, adventures, music reviews, programming mobile apps...I've just never figured out how to do any of them successfully.
  2. Building iOS apps
    Successfully had one app in the app store, but what was meant to be a hobby took over my life. Drove my wife a little crazy.
  3. Building websites
    Actually did sort of well with this, but again with the 60 hour/week hobby...
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One week with the in-laws and he's made it clear that he could do our life better than we can.
  1. My baby should be bottle-fed instead of breastfed
    He's not gaining enough weight, not pooping enough, and he cries too much because he's hungry (not because he's a baby...that couldn't be it)
  2. Hot water isn't hot enough
    Turned the hot water heater to max heat (got scolded in the shower) because "the dishes weren't getting clean enough"
  3. The dishes aren't clean enough
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