One week with the in-laws and he's made it clear that he could do our life better than we can.
  1. My baby should be bottle-fed instead of breastfed
    He's not gaining enough weight, not pooping enough, and he cries too much because he's hungry (not because he's a baby...that couldn't be it)
  2. Hot water isn't hot enough
    Turned the hot water heater to max heat (got scolded in the shower) because "the dishes weren't getting clean enough"
  3. The dishes aren't clean enough
  4. We need to move out of the house we've only been in 5 months
    Our baby needs a yard and the patch of grass out front isn't big enough for a swing set
  5. All occupational decisions I make are wrong
  6. Planned to end the list there...but apparently the plants aren't getting watered enough I was writing this
  7. Potentially more to come
    Let's hope not