I'm new to this app and would like to try it out. One of my most favorite T.V. show of all time is The office and below you can find a list for my 5 favorite episodes (In no particular order), of which I could watch anytime. Please, if anyone reads this, let me know what you think and what your favorite episodes are.
  1. Season 2 Episode 10: Christmas Party
    Any fan of The Office can get into the Christmas spirit by watching this episode. This episode is the equivalent to Home Alone. It ozzes chirstmas themes such as christmas songs, to secret Santa, and an Office Christmas party. It's a great episode that has many laughs and cringe worthy moments. In my opinion this episode is the best Christmas episode.
  2. Season 9 Episode 13: Junior Salesman I liked this episode because it stars many of Dwight's... normal fiends, such as Moe's, his baby sitter (Which he has a purely Carnal relationship), his friend Trevor, and Rofl, just to name a few. Seeing all this characters in one episode was great and I would have loved to find out more about the cow shower
  3. Season 6 Episode 22: Secretary's Day
    This episode is great because we see Erin do a complete change in charcter. One of my favorite quotes of this episode is when Erin covers her face with her hair and says "In the orphanage my hair was my room". Absolutely chilling coming from a complete sweetheart. Also we see the first problem between Andy and Erin relationship and the viewers are treated to a rocky relationship throughout the show that ends with them not being together at the end of all of it.
  4. Season 7 Episode 4: Sex Ed
    This episode is one of my favorite because we are treated to very cringing moments when we see Michael telling all of his "former lovers" that he has herpes ( In grown hair). It's great because we get to see old characters such as Carol, Jan, Donna, etc. It was great because it was a nice way to pay tribute to all of Michael's "former lovers" before he exited the show. Also he should have pressured Oscar more...
  5. Season 5 Episode 18: Blood Drive
    "Relationships we don't need no stinking relationships..." This episode has a special place in my heart because it sums up perfectly how one feels being single on valentine's day. I love how Michael tries to help all of the single people in the office, including himself, and Kevin Malone is the one who gets a woman's email. Being single on Valentine's day sucks and it's even worse when you meet someone who could have been the one, but you end up fainting before you can even get their name.