My personal list of comfort foods when the Blessing begins or the The Shining is about to begin
  1. Tandoori chicken and veggie pakoras
  2. Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream sundae from Coldstone
  3. Pancakes, bacon and real maple syrup...butter
  4. Thai Pizza and craft beers
  5. Chips and Guacamole
  6. Margaritas and fajitas
  7. Red wine, almonds and extra-garlicky hummus
  8. Cheeseburger and fries with a boozy chocolate milk shake
  9. Grilled salmon and cheesy mashed potatoes
  10. Booze. Booze. Booze.
  11. Spinach salad, broccoli with cheese and a grass-fed organic streak medium-well
  12. Chocolate covered cashews.
  13. Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream