That being Dan/Danny/Daniel
  1. Danny Zuko
    Grease is not the word and it never was
  2. Dan Hibiki
    Ugggggh, the worst Street Fighter character
  3. Steely Dan
    Not the band. Just the name and anyone that thinks it's a cool nickname
  4. Danny Baker
    Remember Cheyenne Jackson's character on 30 Rock being interesting at all? Yeah, no one does
  5. Danny (Pokemon)
    Idk who this is but he is listed for some reason on the Danny Wikipedia page. LAME
  6. Danny Fatfuck
    According to Wikipedia he was in an Adult Swim pilot. The name alone is worth listing
  7. Danny Boy
    Seriously fuck this song and anyone who tries to sing it to me
  8. Danny Boy
    SAME but when anyone sings the bridge of Tubthumping instead of the Irish song
  9. Dan from Dan in Real Life