17 Things I Love About My Wife

We built a new front porch on our house a few years ago. This accomplishment has allowed me innumerable pleasures; namely, cocktails, wonderful conversation, and reflection. So, after 27 years of marriage, my first list will be written on this very front porch...about this woman I very much love.
  1. She's smarter than me
    Really, about everything
  2. She carries the burden of my ineptitude with grace
    I know nothing about bill-paying, I oftentimes try to fix things around the house and it makes the situation worse, you get the picture...
  3. Her Voice
    When she would rock our babies to sleep back in the day, I would purposefully be in ear shot as she sang to them because it gave me such peace.
  4. Her Culinary Skills
    In the grand scheme of things to love about her, this is pretty superficial...but MY GOD - she could open a restaurant
  5. Our Bedtime Routine
    Hands down, the favorite part of my day. As soon as we lay in bed I place the palm of my hand in the arch of her back, the arch of her foot rests comfortably on my leg....and we just talk about our day. I...love...this
  6. She Makes Me Laugh
    Like no other.
  7. She Has My Back
    I can confide in her about anything and she doesn't judge me. No matter what.
  8. She's Sexy As Hell
  9. She Has a Ph.D. In Psychology
    Ok, not really...but I'm a 51 year old man in denial about my aging process - and she has a way of gently steering me back into reality.
  10. She Holds My Hand
    Sometimes publicly. Sometimes under the restaurant table.
  11. She Puts Up With My Tears
    Jesus, I cry at everything now: our kids accomplishments, a movie, or just taking a walk with her...and I don't have to explain anything to her because she just gets it.
  12. She Takes Over
    When my Dad died quite suddenly over a decade ago - I was literally in a fog for nine full months. She took care of EVERYTHING - knowing the fog will eventually lift
  13. She Still Slaps My Butt In Casual Passing
    and will lie out her ass when she tells me "it's still firm as hell, baby."
  14. She is an awesome Mom
    Just ask both our kids - they adore her.
  15. She Sends Me Random Texts Throughout The Day
    Hi. ❤️. You're hot. Meet for lunch? How YOU doin? (aka: Joey on Friends)
  16. She Laughs At My Humor
    I find daily joy in making her laugh. And when I having nothing in the humor vault that day - I'll recycle the same ole stuff - and she'll still laugh
  17. She Said Yes On May 20th, 1989
    Luckiest man alive, hands down