...and you're in Key West FL on vacation
  1. Call your insurance
    It's Sunday, am I really going to get a voice? The answer is no.
  2. Say goodbye to your truck in the driveway
    It was totaled. And paid for. I'll miss you most buddy.
  3. Pray there was no roof damage to the house
    ...and if there is, please God - make it worth a lot more than my deductible
  4. Thank your neighbors
    ...they broke it to us gently and sent us the pictures. Thanks Anne & Ryan
  5. Decide if you will cancel your vacation and fly home immediately
    Enough said
  6. Alcohol helps
    Thank you Mojito(s)
  7. Call a tree company and remove said tree
    First thing insurance carrier told us. No claim adjuster can come to your home without fully seeing the damage
  8. Process, reprocess...and then ACCEPT the fact that your neighbor is not liable for any damage
    WTF? Yep, it's true.
  9. Be in denial for 4 hours and rent a boat in Key West with a great captain named Hugh.
    Ensure said Captain is responsible because he's going to witness two grown adults down a full bottle of Tito's vodka in 4 hours. Thanks Hugh. We'll never see you again...but thanks.
  10. Kiss your wife/partner and keep things in perspective
    It's only a house and a vehicle. You're not dead. On this day, we just got the short end of the stick. That's all.