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It has become apparent I have a thing for the cute-nerdy type
  1. Jim Halpert
    I mean has anyone cuter ever existed ever??? The pranks, the side glances, the giggles it's too much
  2. Ben Wyatt
    The cuteness of his face is only enhanced by the cuteness of his nerdiness and he comes as close is as humanly possible to making accounting and finance cool
  3. Jim Harper
    The most intelligent and principled of the cute nerds plus he's a total goof
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Just trying to find my soup snake
  1. Jim and Pam
    I mean if this isn't true love, what is?
  2. April and Andy
    Goofy best friends who do their own thing
  3. Leslie and Ben
    Cute nerdy power couple
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  1. Mindy Lahiri
    She's strong, smart and most importantly sassy as fuck
  2. Liz Lemon
    "A real judge mental bitch"
  3. Tom Haverford
    Sometimes you need to here it
  4. The Cul de Sac Crew
    So trashy so petty but also so much love
  1. 1.
    My parents
  2. 2.
    My cat
  3. 3.
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Good times after months of 💩
  1. MONDAY: Beyoncé Formation World Tour, would need a lot more space to do this unreal concert justice
  2. TUESDAY: lunch with Anna and Emily, also no appointment at UCSF is always a plus
  3. WEDNESDAY: Amazing friend Tina (who was tragically cropped out) threw me a surprise party at the farmers market! Great night, great vibes, great friends
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  1. Who I wish I was
  2. Versus
  3. Who I am
  1. Hike Beryessa✔️
  2. Tahoe trip with friends✔️
  3. Make out with a boy
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Wildin times in summer 2k17
  1. Shorteralls
    Bold move
  2. LA adventures with Jean and Allie
    You are welcoming
  3. Bay to Breakers
    Running through the sixes with my woes
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  1. The Office
  2. 30 Rock
  3. Parks and Recreation
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