Fictional Guys I Want to Date

It has become apparent I have a thing for the cute-nerdy type
  1. Jim Halpert
    I mean has anyone cuter ever existed ever??? The pranks, the side glances, the giggles it's too much
  2. Ben Wyatt
    The cuteness of his face is only enhanced by the cuteness of his nerdiness and he comes as close is as humanly possible to making accounting and finance cool
  3. Jim Harper
    The most intelligent and principled of the cute nerds plus he's a total goof
  4. Chuck Bartowski
    So geeky so charming so much family love such a touching backstory also the name Chuck is 10/10
  5. Paulie Bleaker
    It's really the shorts that do it for me, they really set him apart from the rest of the pack
  6. Bill Haverchuck
    Need I even explain? The epitome of sex