You Go Girl

Wildin times in summer 2k17
  1. Shorteralls
    Bold move
  2. LA adventures with Jean and Allie
    You are welcoming
  3. Bay to Breakers
    Running through the sixes with my woes
  4. Clusterfest
    So many amazing comedians, such great company (Louis, parentals, Emily), and so many laughs
  5. Santa Cruzin
    Successful road trip to Santa Cruz with Mollyb, Rachel and Brittany
  6. Future/Migos
    By far the whitest personal at the Shoreline Amphitheater lawn section + grinded with Max aye
  7. Napa
    Weekend trip to Napa with Ariana, Francesca, Mollyb and Rachel this is how rich people live okay
  8. Boyz
    Who's your DSV sexual fantasy?✌🏼
  9. DSV
    Made friends, fit in, got turnt, great times!!!!!
  10. Other events not pictured
    Fighting with the Asian squad at mini golf, swimming to the dock at Serene Lakes 4th of July weekend