Kind of Apparel That Surround Me Lately

i'm playing 'basic' / best quality that i can afford
  1. Levi's (jeans)
    formerly, i used to wear Wrangler but now i'm trying to moving into this brand due the value its carried.
  2. Converse (shoes)
    it's been a long time since i was on highschool used to wore this shoe, now i'm back to the game.
  3. Vans (shoes)
    i'm not really a huge fans of Vans cause i don't give an extra effort to collecting the shoe i want. i just love 'em, its quite simple & pretty basic.
  4. Casio (watch)
    for this kind of timepiece, i count on Casio due the simplicity & durability. its quite basic you know.
  5. Custome Made
    i've been using custome stuff for years, for the apparel was mostly tshirt, jacket, boots & otherelse.