I will never correct her on these
  1. Apple peel = Cape
    "Mama, can you take the cape off my apple?" More magical!
  2. Ponytail = Unicorn
    "I think my hair is long enough for a unicorn now!" Much more magical.
  3. Valentine's Day = Valentine's Wishes
    "...and after Christmas comes Valentine's Wishes!" She says it very quickly and a little out of breath, and it is as cute as it sounds
  4. Nightmare = Night mirror
    For those frightening late night touch ups
  5. Nerds (the candy) = Idiots
    "When we get home, can I have some Halloween candy...some of those...um...idiots?" This one still makes me laugh out loud
  6. Popsicle = Lollipop
    She talks about sugar a lot
  7. Frosted Mini Wheats = Frosted Minnie Mouse
    Packed with wholesome protein!
  8. Copy = Coffee
    "Ok, now it's your turn to coffee me". This one was pretty confusing at first
  9. Turn inside-out = Fast forward
    "Mama - can you fast forward this shirt so I can put it on?" She's a DVR baby.
  10. Toenail polish = Pole nation
  11. Sneeze = Bless You
  12. Tweezers = Splinters