Before continuing, you must know I am THE definition of a sauce man. I LOVE sauces, and prefer all of my foods wet. Ok, you may now read on...
  1. Tatziki
    This one is the winner for me. I'd seriously put it on everything. And by "it", I mean SO MUCH of it.
  2. Pesto
    Surprisingly, I find myself using this for so many foods! Pastas, omelette, potatoes, sandwiches, chicken, soups, and more!
  3. BBQ
    Ok this one is generic. However, Rudy's BBQ sauce (in Texas, ya'll!) is one I have no shame in showering most of my foods in. No, it's not disrespectful to the chef. Everything just tastes better with it.
  4. Peanut
    Let's be real. If I go to a Thai restaurant, I never go without ordering a side of peanut sauce.
  5. Hot
    I'm not that picky, really. Give me a sauce, make it hot, and I'll probably reach for it.
  6. Sriracha
    Suggested by @bjnovak