1. 8
    Old enough to be reading chapter books, but not to the age where kids are just assholes to each other. Also Santa was still real, and your peers didn't yet judge you if you thought going to the zoo was a baller way to spend a Saturday.
  2. 23
    Last year of college, if you planned ahead and milked the extra year.
  3. The Bronze Age
    Criminally underrated. When people put down their clubs and first started writing.
  4. 18
    Freshman year. Things got weird. There was probably nudity. It was probably great.
  5. The Age of Enlightenment
    Locke, Descartes, Voltaire, Newton... The whole world flipped, turned upside down.
  6. The Age of the Point Guard
    Pretty great watching Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, and a bunch more on any given night, right?
  7. 21
    Congratulations! You can legally drink.
  8. 22
    Congratulations! You survived being 21.
  9. The Age of Aquarius
    "Hair" was a pretty dope musical.
  10. Ice Age
    Knocked down a couple spots because they kept making sequels.