1. Ants can't cry!
  2. Some ants can survive underwater for up to 24 hours!
  3. The Queen ant eats the males after mating!
  4. When an ant dies, it emits a chemical that attracts other arts who pick up the body and dump it somewhere!
  5. They have two stomachs! One holds food for them and one holds food for the Queen!
  6. They can carry like a hundred times their body weight!
  7. They eat cereal!
  8. Ants sleep a lot and are often quite lazy!
  9. Some ants can live up to 30 years!
  10. "Slave maker" ants steal unborn ants and raise them as SLAVES!
  11. The total weight of all the ants in the world is equal to if not greater than the total weight of all humans!
  12. Crazy!