I may have shed the mop top and long since burned/donated all of my Hot Topic gear, but I am not ashamed to listen to a selection from my high school musical repertoire. Aren't we all really still working through our emo phases?
  1. 30 Seconds to Mars
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    With powerful, repetitive lyrics that will leave you teary-eyed as you ride the late bus home from theatre practice, this band is perfect for a sexually-frustrated, slightly-emo high schooler. Led by frontman/actor/übermensch/manbun aficionado/my forever not-so-secret celebrity crush Jared Leto, 30 Seconds to Mars will always have a special place in my Spotify playlists. Slightly related: Requiem for a Dream will always be in my top 5 favorite movies.
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    This electro-punk rock band isn't so popular and I don't understand why. Their music is edgy, angsty, and has electronic elements that will make even the most awkward 13 year old bust a move at the school dance. Their music videos (especially "American Trash", "Don't Stop", and "Die Tonight, Live Forever") have great production value and I still watch them regularly for that potent feeling of teenage anomie.
  3. Neutral Milk Hotel
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    I have @Steph_Lists to thank for this one. "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" is one of my favorite albums and one of the best indie folk albums of all time, in my humble opinion. While the band has become ~*mainstream~* in recent years, I could be found blasting this out my beige 2008 Pontiac sunfire through rural Connecticut suburbs wayyy back before it was cool. For that, I am proud of high school me.
  4. My Chemical Romance
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    Two words: Gerard. Way. In middle school and high school, I spent an embarrassing amount of allowance money on this band's music and merch (some of which I haven't incinerated in embarrassment). When Gerard Way dyed his hair pink in 2008, I wanted to dye my hair pink in 2008. He is the Regina George of emo children and he will forever reign supreme. @sky understands this.
  5. Green Day
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    Ok, so let me be clear, I don't really listen to Green Day anymore and their "latest" music (aka anything post-American Idiot) is a huge let down... True story: in my elementary school yearbook, I cited Green Day as my favorite band and I've seen them 6 times in concert. I was also Billy Joe Armstrong for Halloween TWICE, eyeliner, spiky hair, and all.
  6. The Used
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    I still listen to "In Love and Death" like.... a lot. When we were 12, @ErinFlaherty and I accidentally left the room with the album playing and her dad walked in during the opening to "I'm a Fake." A lotta swear words. A loooootttta swear words. Whoops!
    Suggested by @sky
  7. Taking Back Sunday
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    Tbh I have a Spotify playlist dedicated solely to Taking Back Sunday because when I'm in the mood, I'm REALLY in the mood. There will never be a time when "Cute Without The 'E'" comes on where I don't revert back into an emo teen and sing along at the top of my lungs.
    Suggested by @sky