Because what's the point of learning a language if you don't laugh about all the weird shit you have to say, write, read? 📖
  1. Omg STOP. Don't talk about yourself that way! You're gorgeous and you have a pretty smile.
  2. Don't we all. TGIF amiright?
  3. Nice, man! You seem really stoked about that, lumberjack Frenchman.
  4. Ok, how are you going to use that stick to ~motivate~ the boy? I'm concerned.
  5. Ok, you guys are seriously the cutest but you may want to tone it down with the kids.
  6. Ok, same comment as the overzealous gay parents. 13 cats is TOO MUCH.
  7. Three words a guy never wants to hear
  8. Wtf are you trying to say? I don't like your smirk, sir.
  9. Ok wtf is this 😥
  10. Your expressions concern me but you've piqued my interest
  11. The shade of it all