A list of the terrible things that led me to accept that I've entered into this new stage in the slow, inevitable crawl towards death. 💀 🚶🏻
  1. I got excited about buying various kitchen appliances
    The other day I bought a crock pot and spent the entire ride home googling crock pot meals. I don't recall being so excited about something as mundane as slow-cooking.
  2. I've started an actual savings account
    In the past my savings account was just the money that I didn't trust myself to have in Checking. I would inevitably transfer money into Checking when I needed it. Now I actually save for "the future" and it makes me make this face 😒💸
  3. My family stopped sending me money on my birthday
    This was a tough one to handle. Not because I need $20 from grandma every February, but mostly because cards without anything in them are basically the worst gift you can give. It's literally a piece of colored garbage with a really dry joke about how I'm old now. Thanks 😑
  4. I'm too good for walking anywhere
    I remember when I was a freshman or sophomore in college and I would walk miles to get to friend's apartment or to downtown Boston. Now I take an uber to go 3 blocks.
  5. I actively try to "build credit"
    When my parents bought a new car this past winter, I got all jazzed about being put as a co-signer on the lease. I also applied for and started using a credit card so that I can start building credit. See also: I get really excited about "points".
  6. I get annoyed by the music "kids these days" are listening to
    I channel my grandparents every time a song like "Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae)" comes out while pointedly forgetting when I spent a solid hour watching YouTube videos in my room until I could accurately dance to "Crank That (Soulja Boi)" which is essentially same song, just from 2007. Before I started adulting on the regular.
  7. I constantly have to ask what certain slang and abbreviations mean
    I'm not ashamed to say that I looked up what "bae" meant on urbandictionary
  8. I make noises when I stand up or sit down.
    It's either pain, or relief, or both...I'm not really sure.
    Suggested by @13spencer