I had a traumatic moth experience as a child. Since then I have had a deep hatred for moths and all that they stand for. Luckily I have the facts on my side.
  1. Moths are the worst creatures ever to fly around this Earth
    Only to land on a wall just out of reach.
  2. There are more moth species than butterflies
    Why? Because there is no God and everything is terrible.
  3. Some moths don't ever eat
    Apparently some moths, like the adult Luna moth, didn't even bother to evolve a mouth. Their sole purpose in life is to mate, lay eggs, and die from bumping into a outdoor lantern, apparently.
  4. "Moth" in French is "papillon de nuit" which translates literally to "butterfly of the night"
    The French understand the menacing scourge that is the moth.
  5. They will eat your clothes
    Oh, but it gets worse, it's not the moths eating your cashmere sweater (remember, some don't even have mouths) it's their larvae. These little demons crawl around and munch basically any fiber they encounter. And it's not just wool, they can eat cotton, silk, fur, feathers, hair, even dust. I MEAN COME ON.
  6. Moths are considered a delicacy in many African countries
  7. This is a death's head hawk moth
    Need I say more!??? They were put here to do Satan's bidding, that much is clear.