My second emoji-related list because I'm a gross millennial and I don't have much going on rn
  1. 😍
    My response to when @buddy texts me cute stuff and I'm drunk in luv
  2. ❤️
    Ian just left this morning to go back home to Montréal so I've been texting a lot of love lately
  3. 🐆
    3rd most frequently-used emoji??? I have no idea why this emoji is in my top 10... I don't recall ever using the leopard emoji... Go home, iPhone. You're drunk.
  4. 🍍
    Just got a pineapple tattoo on my arm so I've been using this a lot to communicate about my fruitiness
  5. 🐰
    Bunny = my cute boyfriend name for Ian (his for me = cabbage)
  6. 😑
    This emoji gets used a lot because it perfectly captures my view of most life situations
  7. 🔥
  8. 👍🏼
    Usually used to sarcastically congratulate someone
  9. 🎅🏿
    Black Santa has so many applications, I don't need to justify this
  10. 🌈
    Used to signify when I say something particularly gay. I actually don't use the rainbow emoji a lot but when I do, I'm usually spamming it.