Sure, it's newsworthy, but is it Snapchat geotag worthy?
  1. The refugee crisis in Europe from conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa
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    I know... the news of thousands of refugees fleeing war-torn countries and dying in transit to Northern Europe isn't quite as inviting as Tom Brady's eyes. But maybe just look at a picture of Brady while you listen to the story.
  2. The Kentucky clerk who has been arrested for contempt of court for continuing to refuse to issue marriage licenses
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    Just think of the hideous courtroom sketch of her that may come out of this!!!
  3. Donald Trump has probably said something inflammatory recently
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    Let's focus our attention from one fantastic head of hair to the head that may become the head of state: the glorious and oh so newsworthy Trumpalicious
  4. A chunk of a plane was found in the ocean... Maybe it's from that Malaysian Airlines plane???!
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    REMEMBER HOW FUN THAT STORY WAS? Turns out it's never ending! Brady Who, amiright???
  5. An Australian sheep named Chris broke an unofficial world record for having over 90 lbs of wool covering his adorable body
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    There's no way Brady is that fluffy so why do we ever care?
  6. Most things are more important than #Deflategate
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    Idk if comparing slightly-squishier than normal footballs is really a controversy that warrants comparison to the massive political scandal of Watergate tbh
  7. Stop hijacking my @npr listening bliss
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  8. Stop it, you gorgeous man.
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  9. There are more important things going on in the world than your petty balls drama
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