Requested list by @sky. Context: I really didn't want to go to Wagamama for dinner but my friend really did. Let's dive in. 🍜🎎
  1. CON: I arrived early
    Not really Wagamama's fault, just wanted to paint a picture of my mood going into this.
  2. PRO: No wait to be seated
    Probably because it's terrible (I'm coming into this with a lot of bias btw).
  3. PRO: They set chopsticks at your placemat
    More practice with chopsticks!
  4. CON: The waiter scribbles all over your placemat?
    This was so weird to me. He would listen to our order, type it into this electronic thing, then reach over and scribble something on the mat. Why are you writing these hieroglyphics all over my placemat??! The people who brought the food out still had to ask who got what so I don't understand. This practice was never explained.
  5. PRO: really good gyoza (dumplings)
    I got the steamed chicken and my friend got steamed vegetarian. Can confirm: both were tasty.
  6. CON: They brought out a fork for my ramen?
    C'MON WAGAMAMA. You got so many points by giving me chopsticks initially and now they're all gone.
  7. CON: My food was brought out 5 minutes before my friends'
    That means 5 minutes of me pretending I'm not wishing I could be scarfing down some chicken ramen soup like an animal taught to use chopsticks
  8. PRO: Kind wait staff
    Aside from scribbling on the placemats
  9. CON: Ramen was not great
    Disclaimer: I was in Japan for a month so I have high standards for ramen. That being said: Thick noodles, no spice, chicken was dry. Sorry, Wagamama.
  10. PRO: Cheap
    $12 ramen, $6 gyoza. Not too shabby.
  11. Truly a wild ride