This was a hard list for be because tbh I'm pretty basic but I got a few things so 🎉
  1. I'm colorblind
    Red looks yellow and green looks kinda yellow. Christmas is a confusing time for me.
  2. I'm a certified notary public in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    I did this to build my resume before applying to law school. The process to become a notary is a complete joke. But I can now technically charge "up to" $6 for my signature 💰
  3. I have a pet turtle
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    I found him before his eyes opened so he treats me like his mother and loves people. His name is Turtlebro (or "Turtlebreaux" if he's acting particularly sassy and/or French). 🐢
  4. I played a spine in a school play
    It was in 4th grade and my part was actually a pretty good one. The play was called "Bones" and I got to be the sassy character (get it, cause I'm the "backbone"???!) yuk yuk yuk
  5. I have a tattoo of a pineapple on my arm
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    I got it with my brother, sister and two cousins. It's random, silly and weird, just like our relationship together. We got it on a whim and are in the process of convincing all the younger cousins to get it when they turn 18 🍍