1. Let's all agree to stop making jokes about teen moms
  2. Ok, now some facts:
  3. 30 percent of American women will have a child before the age of 20
    That's about 750,000 American teen moms per year
  4. Less than 20% of these teen pregnancies are intentional
    More than 40% of teen pregnancies end in abortion
  5. One of the leading reasons teen girls are cut off financially from their parents is because of a pregnancy
    This often leads teen moms to drop out of school in order to support themselves and their child as much as they can
  6. Teen pregnancy is the number one reason women drop out of school
    More than 50% of teen moms never achieve a high school graduation
  7. This leads to a life of economic insecurity, stigmatization, and fear
  8. My sister had a baby girl when she was 19
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  9. My family embraced her and my parents made countless sacrifices to support her and her baby, Sophia
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  10. It was the best decision we could've made
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  11. My sister finished high school and is nearly done with college
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    She has straight As, a strong relationship with the father, works two jobs and is on her way to getting a masters degree in school psychology
  12. Me and my brother are proud uncles and my parents are proud grandparents
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  13. We should be embracing these women, not chastising them. Children are a blessing and my sister is an inspiration, not a punch line.
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