In lieu of TLA becoming public, some thoughts I've had about the possibilities of a name change.
  1. The List App (name as it stands)
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    ✨PRO: very clearly describes what it is and avoids the risk of becoming unappealing to current losers like a name change might ✨ ✨CON: fails the Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker in the Social Network test. And do we really want to ignore the teachings of the almighty JT?✨
  2. List App (name as it stands + JT)
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    ✨PRO: still clean, simple, and to the point, JT would most likely approve more now. ✨ ✨CON: impossible to accurately Google without receiving hits about every productivity app ever created. ✨
  3. List (name as it stands + JT - app)
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    ✨PRO: Name would no longer be a statement of what it is. Also, a single name is more dark, simple and mysterious. Madonna would approve.✨ ✨CON: Perhaps too simple of a name? Also increases the Google problem tenfold.✨
  4. @bjnovak : Thoughts?