Where did they come from? What do they say? Will I ever find out? Stay tuned!
  1. La Symphonie Pastorale
    par Andre Gide. With the most beautiful blue and green mountainscape and the black and white silhouette of a woman.
  2. Cyrano de Bergerac
    Edmond Rostand. Magenta with a sketch of a fancy pants pirate. Possibly a play.
  3. L'immoraliste
    Andre Gide again. This time with a mediocre drawing of a green room and a man in front of the mantle.
  4. La Colline Inspiree
    Maurice Barres. A romantic castle illustration with cottages and churches.
  5. La Nausee
    Jean-Paul Sartre. An artful yet depressing sketch of a man by a tree.
  6. Thérèse Desqueyroux
    par François Mauriac. If Mrs. Robinson were French, and painted with a moody maroon backdrop and a cigarette.
  7. Clérambard
    de Marcel Aymé. A large posh sleuth in a fur coat.
  8. Les Enfants Terribles
    Jean Cocteau. A beautiful cover, abstract. White with red green and blue.
  9. La Peinture Française
    par B. Dorival. Some sort of nonfiction, depressingly plain cover wrapped inexplicably in parchment paper.
  10. Die Verwandlung
    Franz Kafka. Small, old, written in extensively.
  11. Figures I
    Gérard Genette. Another abstract cover, this time with an off white circle with a face? And other stuff? In lines.