To Do List Before This Year Ends

  1. Watch Creed
    I can watch the Rocky movies anytime, anyplace, anywhere and all they do is motivate me to become better. From the soundtracks to the stories it's an all out knockout punch that keeps going that extra round
  2. Watch Star Wars
    I literally watched the Phantom Menace in the womb and here started my love for this beloved saga. It's a good vs evil and family bonding type of movie that never gets old even to this day
  3. Visit LA with my girlfriend @linaa_216
    We've literally been putting this away for a long time now and I think we gotta go before the year ends, either to the Griffith Observatory, LACMA, Fairfax, or DTLA just anywhere to get us out and inspiring us
  4. More Family Time
    This one always seems to go both ways, but you can just never get enough of family. Some days you might hate them and they will always be there for you when you need it most. I just miss some family members sometimes which I can't wait to see over the holidays
  5. Do something I've never done before
    It's almost the holidays, a time to be joyful and spend time with the one's you love so I wanna do something like ice skating or going to some holiday festivities that I never go to idk just something
  6. Lastly, Enjoy the end of this year
    It's almost the beginning of the end. One more year after and off I go to who knows what. I need to enjoy these last moments of being a kid still and doing what I love most and being here for other people that need it while I still can