This one I have lagged for a while now haha. She requested it and I think it's finally time that I write this list✍🏾
  1. Her eyes. They just always get to me. The colors are always dark and so great to see them change during the day. When I see her (which is most of the days) I can just fall in love with them over and over because I constantly get lost inside them👁
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  2. The fact that's she's always positive. Even if I'm in the worst mood ever, as soon as I see her it all changes. She makes my days and keeps me happy. That positive energy of hers just radiates all around me and spreads like a disease.➕
  3. Her smile. I really love her smile. She does it often, but there's something about it that just makes me smile too every time. Her dimples come out and then it just makes me wanna kiss her more. Then I realize I'm at school aha
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  4. This is the 4th and it's been pretty hard to only choose 5 things.Okay so the fourth thing I love about her is the loving character she has. Anyone she meets and feels like a good hearted person, she grows a liking too. I could never do that bc I'm not that outgoing aha. Even if this person hasn't been great she still continues to help them thrive.
  5. I love Alina bc she's my best friend/girlfriend. In the beginning I couldn't express myself, now I can open my heart out to her. We met about 3 years ago and never talked much until mutual friends brought us together. I have to say it's been great having her. Yes, we get into things here and there, but we have always gotten through them together.
  6. 5 continued: She helps make me a stronger person and I continue to thrive with her. I'm so grateful I have her in my life and we have made some amazing memories this year. I love you💜️