15 years of mobile phones
  1. Bosch 509, 2000
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    The company that made ovens made a phone. It was orange and best feature was ring tones for text messages
  2. Phillips Savvy, 2001
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    One of the first phones you could send emoticon like images (only to people who had the same phone)
  3. Panasonic GD67, 2002
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    Had a clear backing which you could put an picture inside. First colour screen
  4. Nokia 2280, 2003
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    CDMA network. Free phone with 2 year student contract. Made a great torch. Back to no colour.
  5. Sanyo 7400, 2004
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    Flip phone with colour screen and polyphonic ring tones. Pretty great phone with rubber edges (helpful if dropped). I think it also had P2Talk which never caught on. Shame it was CDMA only.
  6. Motorola Razor v3, 2006
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    Terrible phone. Menu system that didn't make any sense. Downgrade from Sanyo. Flip phone phase continues.
  7. Nokia N95, 2007
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    The best phone ever. 5MP camera, GPS with Nokia Maps and a web browser.
  8. Sony Ericsson W580i, 2010
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    Walkman phone from work. Not as good as my N95.
  9. HTC Magic, 2011
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    First android (Jellytip?) blurry camera. Not great.
  10. HTC 7 Trophy 2011
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    Windows phone 7. Actually pretty cool integration with Facebook. Corporate Email and calendar. Decent camera (5MP)
  11. iPhone 4, 2012
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    Bf at the time had a spare iPhone 4 as he had just bought an iPhone 4S
  12. iPhone 4S, 2013
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    Upgraded to 4S when then-bf upgraded to 5. Battery performance was worse than the 4. Replaced the battery which marginally extended the battery time. Bought a spare battery case. Charged phone to full twice a day
  13. iPhone 5S, May 2014
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    Bought new iPhone 5S due to poor battery life and need to take better photos while traveling. Bought Morphie battery case
  14. iPhone 6S, Nov 2015
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    Overnight charge lasts all day. Twice the battery life of iPhone 5S and more space for photos