Ok more like I just want to be like them
  1. Bennett - Pride and Prejudice
    That quote: "I'm very fond of walking." Me too, Elizabeth! I'll walk for hours and we'll confuzzle Mr. Darcy together.
  2. Swan - Pirates of the Caribbean
    I'm also in love with William Turner and lured by the freedom of the sea!
  3. Lemon - 30 Rock
    "Another successful interaction with a man!" (Okay admittedly I've seen like three episodes but this scene I always see a gif of and I just relate okay)
  4. McGuire - Lizzie McGuire
    Lizzie and I both had huge crushes on the guy everyone loved (Ethan Craft) but were instead pursued by Larry Tudgemans.
  5. Liz the lizard - Magic Schoolbus
    I hang out in a science classroom all day too!