This Spoiled Brat Xfinity Abomination
  1. Lil punk @paigey_667 more like Paigey_666 hating on grandma for not having free wifi
  2. She publicly trashes her grandmas
  3. How the commercial goes:
    Grandma and Grandpa pay astronomical cable bills so that their rude lil grandchild paigey_666 doesn't have a reason to be a brat. Family has fun, grandpa quotes Angels With Filthy Souls, love, laughter, Christmas, yay!
  4. How it should have gone:
    Paigey_666 walks in and grandma holds up a print out of the tweet and is like "WHATS THIS?"
  5. Static
    Paigey_666 is like "oh it's just a joke! I love you grandma, do that thing where you slip me five dollars when moms not looking!" And grandma is like, "go downstairs, Paige, and think about what you said." And grandpa is like "I fought in Korea so don't you dare say you know what it means to be at the gates of hell."
  6. Static
    Paigey_666 sits downstairs in timeout while her family has fun visiting above her.
  7. Static
    On the drive home the brother says "Paige! Grandma got wifi and the password is MYGRANDDAUGHTERISABRAT lololol"
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