Come visit! My city is fantastic!
  1. Introduce you to my dogs.
    The key to happiness is to make them love you. To do this: 1) play fetch with Clark. 2) do not do anything to scare Blair.
  2. Drive downtown through Fort Pitt Tunnel
    This will be followed by an extensive drive through various neighborhoods, while I gauge what you want to do during the visit.
  3. Park on Grandview Ave. and view city from Mt. Washington.
  4. I will take you to Primanti's because being touristy is one of the best things about being a tourist and the whole meal between two slices of bread is so efficient.
  5. Brunch at Dor-Stop
  6. Pirates game at PNC Park
    What better activity then taking in a baseball game? I promise to never purchase obstructed view tickets ever again.
  7. We will probably go to either the Zoo, the Aviary, or Phipps conservatory.
    I love animals. I love plants. (Friend in picture realized I was creeping photos of her in the butterfly room)
  8. I will drive and talk incessantly about the history and culture of different neighborhoods.
    There are 90 unique neighborhoods!
  9. We will randomly park somewhere and I will then walk you all over the area where we just parked.
  10. Lunch/Dinner at Mallorca.
    Your visit is my excuse to go to my favorite restaurant. I will insist we order paella and speak my baby Spanish with the staff. Sometimes this will get us free appetizers or small bites.
  11. We will walk everywhere.
    All over the golden triangle over bridges to the north shore river walk, stopping to lunch with my brothers. After lunch we will go down to the point to cool off by the fountain.
  12. If you mention your lack of casino experience I will take you to the Rivers or Meadows and then probably say we have to leave before I become a degenerate (AKA after three slot pulls or an excitable but bad table game decision and subsequent loss).
  13. Depending on my knowledge of your tolerance for exuberance, I will take you to Randyland.
    Watch me and a friend force enjoyment upon our friend in the middle! Randy took this picture and waxed poetic about how to be happy while directing us to other fun picture locations in his yard.
  14. South Side bar hopping
    I adore the south side, mostly because I can quickly change my mind and there's never a cover.
  15. Ethnic food!
    Say the word and I will find you excellent ethnic food. I live for this because my home life is very meat and potatoes so let's go eat sauerkraut, paella, moussaka, fattoush, etc.
  16. Things that I want to do that I haven't yet...
    This includes the museums (Warhol, mattress factory, Carnegie, etc.), outdoor activities (hiking, tubing, rollerblading), arts (the opera, plays, etc.), and so much more.
  17. There's so much more to do so my goal is to exhaust you and entice you to return.