How I approach most things in life
  1. Before I went to Paris, everyone told me how disappointing the Mona Lisa was.
  2. She's so small!
  3. It's so difficult to even see her!
  4. I don't know what the big deal is!
  5. Definitely not worth seeing!
  6. BUT
  7. When I went to Paris and toured the Louvre it was totally different.
  8. I had a meh time in Paris because I broke my shoe and hobbled everywhere with a heel flopping around and no back up shoe and a stubborn stinginess keeping me from buying a new pair.
  9. The last day my friend and I went to the Louvre and lugged our bags throughout as we marveled at the beautiful works.
  10. But then there was the Mona Lisa.
  11. She wasn't what I was expecting.
  12. She was huge!
  13. She was enigmatic!
  14. I was able to get close!
  15. I was impressed!
  16. So whatever people are downplaying to me, I just think,
  17. Maybe it will be like the Mona Lisa.
  18. And it'll be awesome.