1. How is it that House Elves are essentially enslaved to wizards? It just seems so contrary to JK Rowling's ideals that this entire race is default subservient?
    There has got to be a backstory here about how this happened.
  2. I want to know more about Augusta Longbottom and how she raised Neville.
    Guys, Neville is so great. I am so protective over Neville. What do you think she would say to Neville before/after their trips to visit his parents at St. Mungo's? How did she tell him about what happened to his parents? Do you think Minerva McGonagall visited often as they went to school together and might be school chums? Neville is just so great, I just want parenting advice from Augusta Longbottom.
  3. I really want to know if people failed out of Hogwarts. Or if they didn't get accepted?
    How on earth did Crabbe and Goyle keep making it through?
  4. There is so much magic that those kids were never taught. Is it too advanced/dark/etc. and thus withheld?
    Think about the cave scene with Dumbledore: he could sense the magic and interpret what needed to be done. That would have been helpful for Harry and co during the horcrux hunt! Such as when Snape left the sword in that pond (speaking of which, was he watching from afar and saw Harry jump in with the horcrux still on his neck? And did he think "goddammit!" when that happened?)
  5. How is it that child services was never called on the Dursleys?
    I KNOW that little kids class work usually includes a tell me about yourself- living in a closet had to have come up at some point. I know I'm working in a school in a post-Sandusky state of reporting EVERYTHING, but even back in the 80's someone had to have noticed the differential treatment between the two boys and said something?
  6. What sort of effects of being raised in the Dursley household did Harry have afterwards?
    I can imagine at the very least he inhaled his food as fast as possible lest a nearby pudgy boy went for his plate.
  7. How did Ginny feel about being left behind at Hogwarts while her boyfriend, best friend, and brother went off on their secret horcrux mission?
    I would be so pissed. Like Harry would have to grovel